Robinhood is temporarily out of commission

Robinhood, a stock and crypto-currency trading application known for its attractive and simple interface, recently reported major disruptions to the platform.

In a Reuters article today, they announced that they were experiencing a „major disruption“ in stock and option trading, as well as „intermittencies“ in Etoro crypto currency trading.

Reuters also posted a note on Robinhood’s website saying, „We are currently experiencing problems with our services and are investigating the problem. So far, however, the Cointelegraph team has been unable to place this warning on Robinhood’s website.

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Robinhood attracts the public
Robinhood offers the public a simple access to the world of stock and crypt investing. The platform does not charge any commission. In recent years, they have added several crypto-currencies to their platform, pushing the industry beyond its current forms.

Robinhood, as well as other similar platforms, has seen an influx of activity and users recently, a CNBC report detailed on June 12.

This disruption is not the first of its kind for Robinhood. The retail platform has suffered many other difficulties this year, including a crash just a few months ago.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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