Revolutionize Digital Art with HeartX: Unlock New Opportunities for Growth

• HeartX, formerly known as ArteX, has launched a web3 marketplace and community to revolutionize the digital art industry.
• The platform provides a secure, immersive, and transparent space for creating, sharing, and trading digital artworks.
• HeartX’s Vote-to-Earn system allows users to show their taste and support, earning tokens as a reward.

HeartX Launches Web3 Marketplace

HeartX, previously known as ArteX, has recently rebranded and unveiled a groundbreaking web3 marketplace and community that empowers artists, collectors, art consultants and art lovers to redefine the value of digital art. The HeartX platform provides a secure, immersive, and transparent space for creating, sharing, and trading digital artworks.

Vote-to Earn System

The unique voting system enables users to rate by voting on digital art pieces with both the most and least favored pieces resulting in token earnings. This feature fosters closer ties between creators, collectors, and art lovers while creating an interactive environment within the ecosystem. Additionally there are two types of tokens for the platform-the governance token $HTX and utility token $HNX which encourage users to unlock new opportunities for growth.

First Season Launch

The team announces the launch of HeartX’s first season which introduces features designed to enhance user engagement and incentivize participation within the ecosystem. With its ‘vote-to earn’ model customers can earn tokens by voting for artwork displayed on the platform – rewarding both creativity from artists as well as feedback from consumers.

Team & Partnerships

Heartx is composed of professionals with diverse experiences united by their passion for creating an accessible environment worldwide. They have partnered with some of the most innovative teams in the web 3 space such as Ethereum foundation with more partnerships expected soon upon launch.


Heartx is revolutionizing how digital arts are valued through its interactive online platform that rewards users who actively engage within it’s ecosystem through its vote-to-earn model – fostering closer ties between creators , collectors ,and art lovers alike . Meanwhile , they have also assembled a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to providing an accessible environment worldwide .

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